Hello. Nice to meet you.

I grew up in a far far land called Iran, where as a young girl I dreamed of being a voice actress and marrying Jason Priestley. Yes, that's right. I also painted, collected bugs, wrote plays that were performed by my classmates, played in a basketball team, skied and read a lot of grown-up books I wasn't supposed to. I moved to the US after two years into college, an action forced by my parents (but I really like living here now and know my parents wanted only the best for me). I went to college and later to grad school at Cranbrook Academy of Art and despite my love for theater, I graduated with a degree in graphic design and new media. I also became fascinated with American pop culture and advertising. 

After school I moved to Los Angeles and started teaching college kids interactive and graphic design in a town called Pomona. This career path was short lived due to my 50-mile drive every day. I left teaching and joined advertising very quickly. I found myself at Springbox, Ogilvy, Phenomenon and Schematics, consulted with American Film Institute and Los Angeles Film Festival. I also wrote for LAWeekly's culture and music section. And ended up becoming a creative director at one my favorite brands known as Netflix. 

Iā€™m currently the global creative director for Airbnb Plus in San Francisco, CA where I live with my 15 year old dog, Benji and enjoying getting to know a new city specially the hiking trails.

How to Find Me


Note: I do have a portfolio but I like sharing it with a few.